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About Float Therapy

What is float therapy?

Float therapy is a revolutionary wellness practice that offers profound relaxation and therapeutic benefits. It involves lying in a specially designed float pod filled with a buoyant solution, allowing the individual to float effortlessly.


Let us now explore the various aspects of float therapy, answering questions like “How does float therapy work?” and more.


We often harm our skin without realizing it; fixing this damage is only sometimes our main focus. Float pods in Calgary at PureRest Float can help with that. They make your skin healthier and let good chemicals enter your body to nourish it. Regular visits to PureRest Float can improve your skin, help good chemicals get into your blood, and cleanse your body.


Recent research shows that half of Americans have magnesium deficiency. This lack of magnesium can lead to problems like nerve issues, mood changes, muscle cramps, and trouble sleeping.


But the good news is that these experts proved that water therapy, like what we offer at PureRest Float, can help the body absorb the necessary magnesium. This has cleared up doubts about using Epsom salt in water treatments.

Couples Float Therapy in Calgary

Float Pods Calgary - Your Local Destination for Relaxation

At our float spa in Calgary, we provide state-of-the-art float pods designed to offer a tranquil escape. Our float pods Calgary location ensures residents can access this incredible wellness treatment easily.

Our Float massage therapy combines the serene experience of floating with massage techniques to enhance relaxation. It aligns the mind, body, and spirit, providing a unique healing journey.

How Does Float Therapy Work?

Documented worldwide as far back as 4500 b.c, thermalism was and is still widely used for the same treatments as when it was discovered in ancient Greece. This includes muscle and joint conditions and treating headaches and insomnia.


Float therapy is more than just floating on the water; it’s a scientifically designed wellness practice that taps into the mind-body connection. 


From the state-of-the-art float pods to the specific water-salt mixture, every detail is fine-tuned to create a serene environment where relaxation and healing can flourish. This buoyant solution allows the body to float effortlessly, reducing gravitational pull and relieving physical stress. 


Whether it’s your first time or you’re a regular floater, understanding “How does float therapy work?” enhances your ability to embrace the full spectrum of benefits that await you at our float spa in Calgary.

Creating a Sensory Deprivation Experience

The float pods are designed to minimize external stimuli such as light, sound, and tactile sensations. As you settle into the float pod, your body begins to lose awareness of its boundaries, and the mind shifts into a deeply relaxed state. This sensory deprivation experience enhances focus and allows for introspection and meditation.

Promoting Physical and Mental Wellness

The reduced gravitational pull in the float pod eases tension in muscles and joints, promoting physical relaxation and recovery. The high concentration of Epsom salt also assists in detoxifying the body and improving circulation. In tandem with the physical benefits, the mental relaxation achieved through float therapy helps alleviate stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

Float Massage Therapy Integration

For those interested in even deeper relaxation, float massage therapy combines the soothing effects of floating with targeted massage techniques. This integration maximizes the therapeutic impact, enhancing physical relaxation and mental tranquility.


Float therapy has been scientifically proven to offer numerous benefits, such as alleviating stress, relieving pain, and enhancing overall well-being.

Flotation therapy offers a weightless environment that helps in relaxation, mental clarity, and physical recovery.

Float therapy provides a sensation of weightlessness, allowing you to disconnect from external stimuli and connect with your inner self.

Our float sessions typically last between 60 to 90 minutes. However, customized sessions are also available at our float pods Calgary location.

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We offer the following to make your float session relaxing

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